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Birthplace of L. M. Montgomery, New London

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Address: Intersection of Route 6 & Route 20
Link: http://www.gov.pe.ca/visitorsguide/search/display.php3?number=31&thetype=attract

“They went to live in a weeny-teeny little yellow house in Bolingbroke. I’ve never seen that house, but I’ve imagined it thousands of times. I think it must have had honeysuckle over the parlor window and lilacs in the front yard and lilies of the valley just inside the gate. Yes, and muslin curtains in all the windows.” — Anne of Green Gables, ch. v

The house in which Anne was born was drawn from my own little birthplace at Clifton.— The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery, vol II, pg. 41

Though Anne Shirley was born in Nova Scotia, her birthplace is based on L. M. Montgomery’s birthplace in Clifton (now New London), Prince Edward Island.

Montgomery’s father, Hugh John Montgomery, kept a general store in Clifton. The store, which burned down during Montgomery’s childhood, was located beside Montgomery’s birthplace.

New London may have been a basis for Carmody due to its being the closest area with shops in the Cavendish vicinity.

L. M. Montgomery’s Birthplace is located on the main intersection of New London. It is now a museum which houses period furnishings, a replica of L. M. Montgomery’s wedding dress, and selected exhibits of her scrapbooks filled with her short stories and personal memorabilia.

Photo of Upstairs Room, by Greying_Geezer

Photo of L. M. Montgomery’s wedding dress replica, by Reverend Sam

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