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Anne of the Island

* The Geography of Anne of the Island

Kingsport is based on the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where L. M. Montgomery attended Dalhousie University in 1895, and worked as a newspaper woman for the Halifax Daily Echo in 1901. Anne of the Island references many recognizable landmarks.

The landmarks are namely Redmond College (Dalhousie University), the Old Burying Ground, St. John’s Street (Barrington Avenue), The Park (Point Pleasant Park), Spofford Avenue (Towers Rd. or Young Ave.), and William’s Island (George’s Island.)

[left] A Google Map of Halfax, Nova Scotia [right] Map of Kingsport by lmm-anne.net 2002

Places to Visit

Forrest Building (Redmond College) The “twin staircases” that the college students shout on during registration is located in this building
Old Burial Grounds The “old graveyard” of Kingsport on St. John’s Street (Barrington Ave.), where Anne and Priscilla board
Point Pleasant Park “The Park” where Anne, Priscilla, Philippa, Gilbert and Charlie visit, and where Anne meets Roy

Birthplace of L. M. Montgomery Anne’s birthplace, though fictionally in Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia, is really based on L. M. Montgomery’s own birthplace in New London, PEI.

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