the Anne of Green Gables and L. M. Montgomery lexicon

Gee I’m Glad I’m No One Else but Me

Once I though I’d like to be
A blossom growing on a tree
White and pink and lazy as can be.
But I’d be king just in the spring
So now I think it over
Gee! I’m glad I’m no one else but me.

If you sit around and find the world is gloomy
And it isn’t just your cup of tea
It’s easy to imagine that’s it’s rose-in-bloomy
You can think the things you want to be.

So when all is said and done
Imagining’s a lot of fun
But when there are battles to be won
Be what you are it’s best by far
And soon you’ll be in clover
Gee! I’m glad I’m no one else but me!

Mr. Cuthbert! You’re roads! They’re red!

Matthew: Why yes!

Anne: Red hair and freckles have been my lifelong sorrow. But why are your roads red?

Matthew: Well now…I remeber a fellow telling me once it was the iron in the soil getting rusty. But I don’t suppose he could have meant it.

Anne (singing):
D’you suppose that it could be
The wounds of tragic destiny
Dripping from a bloodstained family tree?
An evil spell that did compel
The founders of this island
To meet their doom and perish horribly?

Picture now the vicious strife that started ragine
Way back in the olden days of yoke!
(It’s) Family in (with) family in feuds engaging
Drenching all your local soil with gore.

There as far as I can see
I’ve just cleared up the mystery
Of why your roads are red perpetually!

Matthew (singing)
The answer’s found not in the ground…
In your imagination
(spoken) : Gee up Pearl!

Gee! I’m glad I’m no one else
Gee! I’m glad I’m no one else
Gee! I’m glad I’m no one else but me!

Last modified: January 10, 2009